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How to Have Successful Sales Conversations with Ease

Having a business requires some key things to be in place in order for it to thrive. At the top of that list is having and mastering successful sales conversations that lead to consistent income.

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • The word “sales” scares you?
  • You know you need to make sales,
    but you do not want to be “salesly”?
  • You are engaging in sales conversations,
    but not getting the results you need?
  • You are great at building relationships,
    but your people are not buying and this is frustrating you?

Well, I am here to help YOU. The reality is you and your business were meant for success. Becoming a master of sales conversations is single handedly the most important component in your business and there is a way you can do it authentically and with ease. Finally it’s here! Inside the this free guide:

The 5 Key Components of Compelling Conversations™ that Convert to Cash

You Get:

  • A roadmap for compelling sales conversations
  • The structured guide your brain needs to follow
  • Knowing exactly what questions to ask of prospects
  • The questions or comments not to ask or make
  • Samples of compelling sales conversations for Fast Results!
  • Finding Your Own Authentic Sales Voice

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Be Compelling,

Rosie the Closer

Rosie the Closer ZepedaRosie “the Closer” Zepeda is a master at closing the emotional sales conversation gap for entrepreneurs, so they consistently achieve financial results in their business, while being themselves.

Her specialty is working with business leaders who have big dreams, want to make a big impact and are finally ready to get “R.E.A.L.” with themselves, their businesses and making money. She is a sought after speaker and author of the upcoming book: “Compelling Conversations: Savvy Sales Systems for the New Economy.”